Heifer car freshie
Heifer car freshie
Heifer car freshie

Heifer car freshie

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**All freshies are hand painted! At certain angles in the sunlight, this freshie might appear opaque due to its white background. **

This freshie contains scents and different colors.

All freshies come with a elastic string so you can hang it in your car or clip it onto a car charm! 

If choosing the color white for your freshie, certain scents can cause your freshie to have a yellow-ish tint due to the fragrance oil color. Please be aware of this when choosing white.

This car freshie will have an elastic string tied to it, so you can hang it in your car! I recommend hanging your freshie on your rearview mirror.


* High temps (usually the hot summer sun) have the potential to melt car freshie and cause it to fall off string.
* To prevent this from happening, place freshie in provided bag and out of direct sunlight when parked.
*Please be aware that some of our freshies have glitter, stray bits of glitter can sometimes fall off.
* Materials used to make freshies are not safe for consumption. Please keep away from children and pets.